end of year

The Cooperative Family

Back in the fall of 2010, my oldest son started a Parent Morning Out program at Family Preschool. That program was Family Preschool’s very first Duckling class! Now, seven years later, my youngest son is finishing up his last weeks at Family Preschool.

It’s hard to believe that it’s time for him to head off to kindergarten. I've had seven years of fun learning in the classroom as a helping parent, meeting new friends (both those my own age and some pretty special little ones), and building a community. I have to say that when my oldest was “graduating,” I wasn’t super nostalgic, but now that it’s my youngest, I am feeling all the feels and wondering how our time here has come to an end so quickly.

I will miss the morning playground chats and exploring the world through the kids' eyes. Family Preschool has been a truly special place for our whole family. The cooperative model really gave my children a great lesson in what it is like to pull together as a community and create a place where the sum is so much greater than its parts.

I offer much gratitude to all the teachers at Family Preschool for giving my kids a gentle place to learn, play, and grow. As we move on to the next phase of life, I am comforted to know that many friendships will carry forward, so some of this community will always be with us.

With love and thanks,


Board President