Spring Has Sprung!

Happy April everyone! What an interesting March we have had! Some cold weather, some hot weather -- and we’ve ended it with lots of rain. We have had days of shorts and sandals, days of rain boots and mud, and days when we needed our extra glove box on the playground.

School activities have been highlighted by all things spring. The 1-year-old Ducklings have been painting rainbows with watercolors. The 2-year-old Tree Frogs have been creating flower bouquets with photos of spring flowers. The 3- and 4-year-old classes completed their Box Project with a showy culmination of all their knowledge and awareness of all things boxes. The Hedgehog, Penguin, and Zebra gatherings are now embracing spring and have been busy planting flowers in the garden, learning about the parts of a plant, and even using play dough to make flower arrangements.

Also this month, Family Preschool celebrated it’s 47th birthday. Each gathering celebrated in their own way: Making banners for the big day, baking cupcakes to decorate, and wearing festive party hats. The older students made a birthday cake out of boxes and wrote their wishes down for the school. Our families also got in on the celebration by purchasing special gifts for the preschool and the playground. We received quite a haul of new playground toys, ranging from new buckets and pails to new cars and trucks to ride. Thank you all for your generosity -- we are so lucky to have such an amazing community of families!

The school received an anonymous donation to complete the additions to the playground that our Playground Committee has drafted. The donation came from a special family who loves Family Preschool very much and wants to see the playground learning and fun continue for many years to come. We will have Go Out & Play come out during our spring break (April 10-14) to work on these additions. Keep your eye out for the following new playground enhancements: 1) a riding track near the wooden picnic benches,  2) a slackline at the top of the hill, 3) an angled climbing wall on the playhouse, and 4) a rope climbing area near the small slide near the bridge. We are so excited that these updates will be made this month so our friends this year (and many years to come) will enjoy them!

The Family Preschool Auction Fundraising Event is happening soon! Please ask your favorite places (restaurants, shops, play spaces, and other shops) to donate to help our school raise money for scholarships and other needs. Letters asking for donations are available in mailboxes and on top of the cubbies. Check out the "Information for Current Families" tab on the website for more information. Or ask auction chairs Kate Mauldin or Shane Nye or your classroom representative if you have any questions!

Summer camp is filling up for our four weeks of camp in June. We will have one more call for current families to sign up, and then we will open this wonderful camp to friends of FPS. If you have any friends that would be interested in signing up, please let them know we have space in Weeks 1, 3 and 4!

Important dates to remember:

  • Friday, April 7, is a make-up snow day for Family Preschool.  The Wednesday Ducklings, the 3-day Tree Frogs and all the 4- and 5-day gatherings will have class on Friday.
  • Spring Break will be April 10-14. No classes will meet that week. Teachers will be here for a workday on Tuesday, and Go Out & Play will be here all the week working on the playground. If anyone would like to come help lay the track on the playground, we could use some parent volunteers. We plan to tackle that on Tuesday morning. Please let me know if you are interested and available to help.

We still have a few spaces for enrollment for the 2017-18 school year. We have two to three spots in our 1-year-old program, one to two spots in our 2-year-old class, and two to three spots in our 4-year-old class. Please let your friends know if they are looking for a fun cooperative preschool experience for their child(ren). We will be leaving a flyer in each cubby tomorrow for you to hang up at a place you frequent.

Thanks for all you do to make Family Preschool to special and amazing community it is!