play dates

Planting Little Seeds in the Community

This weekend, some Family Preschool members went to downtown Durham to join the farmers' market crowd. The outing was both a chance for current families to gather with alumni friends and for the greater Durham community to get to know about our school. We chatted, blew bubbles, and we shared a basil planting activity with any child who wanted to join us.

Planting basil seeds echoed some of the play-based spring time learning we are doing in the classroom. Back at Family Preschool, you will find bean plants sprouting on the windowsills. Soon the kids will be able to take them home to plant in a bigger pot and watch them continue to grow and produce beans that they can eat. We have also been planting herbs and flowers to brighten our playground and provide another space for learning while watching things grow.

We hope our community outreach from this weekend will inspire even more children to plant seeds, watch them grow, and learn.

If you missed us on Saturday, keep an eye out at the Durham Farmer's Market in Downtown Durham. We plan to host some more play dates at the market in the future.

Happy Spring everyone!


- Board President