Happy Birthday Family Preschool!

Hi Families,

We are now well into our second semester of Family Preschool. It has been fun to look back at the family pictures taken during the summer home visits and see how much our friends have grown already!

The children have become very comfortable in their gathering groups and know the routine well. Teacher Alison has done an outstanding job in the Duckling classroom, and all our little ducklings -- even ones that just started last month -- are doing great! The Duckling friends have especially enjoyed making their Eric Carle-inspired mural in the classroom. Teacher Sue’s Tree Frogs have had a fun winter season with activities like making rocket ships blasting off to the moon (using baking soda and vinegar) to taking care of baby dolls with kindness and band-aids. The 4- and 5-day gatherings have been busy with their box project, including practicing drawing squares, esearching different boxes they can find around the school, and enjoying guest expert visits from so many FPS families. They also had a field trip to the UPS Shipping Station.

In March, we are celebrating Family Preschool's birthday. We are 47 years old this year! The week ofMarch 13th-17th, we will be celebrating our birthday with the school. During the week, we will prepare for our big birthday celebration by making wrapping paper and enjoying other activities. We will have classroom-specific birthday celebrations on Friday, March 17, and parents are invited to join us for a cupcake. Check with your child’s gathering teacher to find out the plan for that day! If you would like to purchase a present for FPS, we are focusing on playground toys this year. We will post a wish list of items that need replacing on the preschool door (and in the parents' section of the website). Items can be toys that you are retiring from your home collection or new toys. You could even pitch in with some other families in your gathering for a larger gift.

I have been so fortunate to have such an amazing group of parents and families here at FPS. Thank you for all your openness, guidance, and dedication to our school. Thank you to all the helping parents and on-call families who keep our school running so smoothly. A special thank you to our board, who have worked hard to support the school so successfully!

I cannot end this post without thanking our outstanding team of teachers. We are so fortunate to have this talented group of ladies working at FPS. I feel so thankful to be working in this warm, family friendly environment.