Not boxed in!

As part of the project approach at Family Preschool, the children get to explore how concepts relate to their everyday lives. We talk together about what the children already know about a topic, and we explore new information from the connections they've already identified.

Right now, our 4- and 5-day friends are engaged in their box project. They've done everything from build wooden boxes in the classroom to create an entire box city out of recycled cardboard boxes. Yesterday, they got the chance to get out of the classroom and learn about boxes out in the world. They visited I Must Garden, a Chapel Hill business that makes all-natural and earth-friendly pest repellents.


The owner, Marilyn Cox, introduced herself to the children and told them about her company and the products it makes. The children were then taken on a tour of the facility, and they got to learn how the pest repellents are made and watch them get bottled up and put into boxes for shipping. They learned about the different sizes and types of boxes used in shipping and why they are important.

Afterward, the children participated in a scavenger hunt. They were split into five teams, and each were given five different bottles and asked to find a box for each bottle that would be the right size to send it safely.

The children had a wonderful time learning about the company and learning about some of the many ways that boxes are used. They also loved getting a chance to see the father of one of our 5-day friends at work. It was actually the friend's mother who put us up to the idea to organize this field trip. It's one of many examples of how our families come together to make our school a better place and to improve the education that our children get.

It was another great day learning and growing together at FPS!