Family Preschool is Among 100 Certified Living Wage Employers in Durham

Family Preschool is committed to offering one of the best preschool educations in Durham. As part of that goal, we hire only the very best preschool teachers to be part of our family. We hire teachers who are experienced, who have extensive training in the educational philosophies that we embrace, and who are as committed as we are to our children and their development. And because we want only the best teachers, we are committed to giving them the best, as well. That means paying them a salary that shows our commitment and our understanding of the important work that they do.


Recently, Family Preschool was recognized as one of only 100 Durham employers that have been certified as providing a living wage for their employees. The Durham Living Wage Project provided the recognition, which was given to businesses that pay their employees at least 70 percent more than the federal and state minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. That means that these businesses pay all their employees at least $12.53 per hour if they do not provide health insurance. Those businesses that do provide health insurance and pay at least 50 percent of the cost can be certified under the Durham Living Wage Project if they pay all employees at least $11.03 per hour.

Family Preschoolactually pays our teachers well above the guidelines established by the Durham Living Wage Project, which was launched in March 2015 as an initiative of the People's Alliance Fund to promote a just economy. We believe that quality pay attracts quality teachers, and that is reflected in the cost of an education at Family Preschool.

At Family Preschool, your children don't just play. They learn through play. In fact, they do their most important work through, learning academic concepts like colors and spatial relationships, honing their gross and fine motor skills, developing their social skills, and strengthening their emotional intelligence. Our teachers guide children in this important work and give them the opportunities and skills to grow.

Plus, just like our parents and our children, our teachers are part of our school family, and we want to treat them as such. Teachers do such important work. We feel that if all teachers were paid as well as they deserved, our children would all be thriving.

You can see the full list of Durham Living Wage Project certified employers here. Note that Family Preschool is the only secular, half-day preschool on the list.