Nut free? Dairy free? Gluten Free? No matter the allergen, Family Preschool ensures that each classroom is a safe space for all students. All snacks, for all children, follow the needs. If one child is gluten free, then all snacks are gluten free. 

Why Does Family Preschool Have an Allergy-Free Snack Policy?

Sharing a communal snack with all students keeps with Family Preschool's stated objectives for children's social growth in a safe environment. If a child with allergies brought their own separate snack, these children would lose the opportunity to enjoy some of the same foods as their peers in a shared social setting. 

Family Preschool seeks to ensure the safety and well-being of every child. Since food allergies are not mere sensitivities and can be life-threatening, Family Preschool takes all reasonable precautions to keep its children from harm. Teachers are trained to recognize the signs of an allergic reaction and respond appropriately.