Nestled between Loblolly pines, hardwoods and mulberry trees (a tasty treat) on the campus of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Family Preschool provides a perfect, peaceful setting for children to learn and grow. Outdoor play is an essential part of early childhood education, and , therefore we spend a large amount of time outside each day. All FPS children are encouraged to have rain boots and raincoats handy because we play outside in almost any weather! In fact, water, mud, and the occasional snow are some of the most-loved “toys” on our playground.  

A Magical Playground

Our playground features a number of creative structures to play on, where children develop both their gross motor skills and imagination. A large sandbox, wooden teepee, climbing wall, waterway (in warmer weather), and slack line are a few of the children’s favorite areas. A large shed is filled with outside toys that children have access to throughout playground time. Our garden areas feature non-toxic plants for  children to investigate and explore. In the Spring children plant and  grow beans, herbs, sunflowers, and other hardy crops.  

Light and Bright Classrooms

Stepping inside, Family Preschool classrooms are large and light-filled. Each classroom is well-equipped  with developmentally appropriate furniture and toys. Children have access to play kitchens, dress-up, large and small wooden blocks, water and sand tables, a “Make-It-Take-It” table for child-initiated  art and writing activities, quiet corners, painting easels, books, and more. Children’s art work and brightly colored textiles decorate the classrooms.

Sustainability & Family Preschool

Family Preschool strives to be environmentally conscious in our day-to-day operations. We never use disposable dishes during snack, we recycle everything we can, we reuse many items in classroom projects, and we compost all food waste. By teaching children the importance of sustainability and modeling responsible behavior, we hope to ensure that our children will continue these habits throughout their lives.